Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a May Happened. . .

And I do mean happened!  As I said, I will share with you all the event that went on since I last posted.

Well, My lovely hubby and I were in the midst of updating our family room and after the carpeting was re-stretched (shout-out to Mr. Stretch of NJ, you guys rock!), and shampooing carpeting and wool rugs, our new furniture was delivered. 

I was sooooo excited and relieved that it arrived in pristine condition and fit perfectly.  The hubs and salesperson tried to convince me that we needed extra seating but I am glad I stuck to my guns, it fit perfectly.  One more item checked off the list. 

The next item up is planting our little garden.  We wanted to actually till an area of the yard near the honeysuckle, but with all of the things happening at once, we figured we would tackle that next year. 

We decided to scale back and do container gardening again this year.  We chose Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes for the hanging containers with cubanelle and California Wonder peppers for the ground containers.  They have only been planted for about 10 days and are blooming and fruiting already!

My Husband had been quite busy lately and sharing only some of what he was up to.  Hmmmmm.  Well I found out soon enough. 

I turned 50 last Wednesday - WOOOHOOO and it was great! My young men teased me mercilessly but with love and then presented me with funny cards and gifts equaling 50 from my fav LYS.  Hubs took the day off and just spent time with me -- the best gift of all.  He told me to wait until the weekend for my gift.  No problem.

The wait was soooooo worth it.  The party he was planning was supposed to be on Saturday but with the threat of thunderstorms he postponed it to the next evening.  And what a night! The daytime temps on Sunday was in the high 80's and breezy, but it cooled very nicely by party time.   An old-fashioned fish fry, mini-burgers and hot dogs, his mom's potato salad, my sisters' wonderful side dishes and cornbread were the menu.  Buckets and buckets of refreshments, Family, Neighbors & Friends, and . . . Ciroc Grape Martinis and Pear Martinis for the Birthday girl!!  Oh Yeah!

I was then told to go inside and and wait.  Once summoned, there was a birthday cake from this wonderful little local Italian Bakery that was amazing.  Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling with whipped cream frosting and coral colored whipped cream roses that were near perfect.  After the singing I look up and saw a HUGE inflated movie screen -- it had to be at least 12 feet tall and 15 feet wide!  The Cineplex was about to play Avatar!  Since I hadn't seen it I was so ready.  After the sun set, the movie started -- in my backyard!  Popcorn, matinee candy boxes, chaise lounges and chairs.  Everyone with blankets and snuggled with kids and sweethearts.  What a wonderful gift. 

I think I will keep him forever.  This was the best birthday ever. . .

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  1. Your living room looks so cozy! It's a perfect fit for the room, great choice. And, what an awesome birthday! I hope that you have many, many more wonderful surprises, like this one. What a great family you have. : )