Thursday, June 24, 2010

Knittin' more than Nothin'

Wow is it hot!  We are in the throes of a heatwave and I haven't done so well in it.   This prompted me to make a change I had been contemplating about for a while. 

I cut my hair! No, not a trim. . . but 6 whole inches gone. . .

I have had locs for about 9 years.  I cut them completely off about 5 years ago and quickly regretted it.  I started them again within a year, and over the years, they have grown quite long, just below the shoulder blades.  Now they are at my shoulders -- I just put a new picture on the blog and now I have to change it LOL!  I feel pretty -- Oh so pretty.

So much knitting activities have been happening. I have knit 3 pairs of socks in the last month and a half.  This is a first for me and I have an itch to knit another!  After I completed the LCS socks last month I was compelled to knit myself some luxury socks in a yarn I have been coveting and acquiring for over a year.  The Sanguine Gryphon has made a loyal customer out of me with their Bugga! lines, Traveller and Gaia DK yarns.  I chose Bugga! in the Orange Assassin Bug colorway for my project.  A vibrant, range of orange hues that make up this colorway make me think of blood oranges or Halloween.

I wanted to use and equally renowned designer pattern for these socks so I chose the Chicklets Sock from Anne Hanson of Knitspot.  It is simple but beautiful and classic.  This is an easy pattern with a memorable 12-row repeat that makes it great for travel & movie watching.  Since it is made for sportweight yarn, it is a win-win for me, heh-heh.  I totally loved Bugga! and it is so funny because I have been purchasing it for a while and never knit it up.  Silly girl.  How could you have waited so long?

While knitting the socks, I needed another Bugga! fix so I casted on some Skinny Bugga! for slouch hat in the rare colorway called Blowfly.  OMG, it is the most gorgeous color!   I now understand why it is so sought after.  This pattern is another from Veronik Avery's book, Knitting 24/7 called "The Pinstripe Slouch Hat". A Perfect pairing.  See?

Since it is fingering weight yarn, I am not moving as quickly as I would like.  Well, I won't need it for a while so what's the rush, heh -- it's just for me.

Well, that's enough for now --


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